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Our Mission

It all started with my passion for everything fibre and the beautiful things that can be made from them.

From my obsession with spinning, knitting, crocheting, weaving came the next logical step which was to share that love, and to help budding and experienced fibre artists with their own creative journeys. 

While sourcing out my fibres, I discovered that there is a wide variety of sheep and alpaca being raised by Ontario farmers. My goal is to source locally, as much as possible and to promote the Ontario wool industry to the growing fibre arts community.

Shearing is seasonal and of limited quantity, so you'll need to visit often as stock will change on a very regular basis. I encourage you to buy when stock is available, otherwise, you may have to wait a year until I get more from the specific farm and animal.

As much as I would like to source plant fibres locally, our weather isn't conducive to growing most of those and I source these out from various suppliers. Kits, dyes and equipment will be introduced as soon as possible.

Have a look around. Be sure to check out this store often. Happy shopping!