Cotswold "Zoe", Medium Worsted - TIF Handspun

Cotswold "Zoe", Medium Worsted - TIF Handspun

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I purchased the raw fleece from a Cotswold sheep named Zoe. Couldn't resist as it is my daughter's name. After washing, combing and spinning the fibre, the end result is this lustrous yarn.

It will take dye well, should you choose to add colour. It will also be great for making warm, toasty hats.

Definitely hand wash and dry flat as it will felt and shrink if you put your final piece in the washing machine, even on a delicate cycle.

Content: 100% cotswold
Ply: 2
Length: 98.7 m (108 y)
Weight (approx.): 108 g (3.8 oz)
Yarn Gauge: 4 - Medium Worsted
Care: hand wash, dry flat