Merino, Light Worsted - TIF Handspun

Merino, Light Worsted - TIF Handspun

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This merino yarn is from pre-dyed wool. It was lovely to spin and was among my first spinning projects. As it is not spun by a machine, like commercial yarn, there will be variations in the yarn that makes each skein truly unique.

It has a beautiful hand and is great for a small vest, or a heavy scarf or child's sweater. 

Definitely hand wash and dry flat as it will felt and shrink if you put your final piece in the washing machine, even on a delicate cycle.

Content: 100% merino
Ply: 2
Length: 105 m (115 y)
Weight (approx.): 35 g (1.2 oz)
Yarn Gauge: 3 - Light Worsted
Care: hand wash, dry flat