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Welcome to Totally Into Fibres. I’m so glad you’re here!

Lorraine Crowston Totally Into Fibres

I’m Lorraine Crowston, founder and fibre enthusiast. I’m an avid spinner, knitter, crocheter and occasional weaver. I source and sell ecologically sustainable plant and animal fibres. I look for the best quality product when I do my own crafts and apply that same standard to the items I choose for sale in my store.

My ultimate goal is to promote and sell wool from local farmers. They and their flocks will be highlighted when fleeces and fibres become available and are featured on this site. I will be dealing with small flocks so the fibres will be sold from individual fleeces and animals. You’ll want to come by often to see the latest on offer.

My plant products, by necessity, are imported. There aren’t a lot of cotton fields in Canada – more like none. But that’s OK. I still look for environmentally responsible growing practices from my sources.

All in all, it’s my complete fascination with fibre and all the creative things you can do with them that got me here. If you’re a fibre enthusiast or are becoming one, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter and welcome to the family!